SUMMER  CAMPING BIR BILLING   Summer is here and as the temperature rises, people plan to hang out and go camping. Summer season is one of the best seasons for adventure. And it is the right time to know nature closely. Summer camping can be long days of flying discs,Read More

Paragliding in Bir Billing: Standard Operating Procedures To inspect the use of dangerous paragliding gear. Justification and regulation of a number of daily flights made by paragliders. Digitization of paraglider and operator records, including pilot and equipment digital logbooks. Proper flying techniques. Improving the carrying capacity of the vehicles usedRead More

Bir is a small village in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh that is situated to the west of the Joginder Nagar Valley. The Bir Tibetan Colony, established in the early 1960s as a camp for Tibetan refugees following the 1959 Tibetan rebellion, is located there and serves asRead More

Bir, a small village in Himachal Pradesh, offers a wide range of fascinating and distinctive effects to do. Bir, occasionally appertained to as the” Paragliding capital of India,” is a haven for all explorers looking for a weekend filled with thrills. Bir is a fantastic spot for you if youRead More

Bir and Billing, two small villages in Himachal Pradesh’s Palampur region, are well known for allowing visitors to stand up and take in the breathtaking scenery. This extreme sport of paragliding is undoubtedly your ticket to soar to new heights (literally). However, before you take off, allow us to walkRead More

The charming combination of mountains, gushing rivers, meadows, and picturesque tea gardens makes Palampur a popular hill town.A charming hill town in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh known for its velvety tea gardens, expansive paddy fields, hidden treks, forest trails, azure streams and brooks, gurgling waterfalls, winding lanes, iconicRead More

Camping continues to be one of the most comforting out-of-door gests you can have among the numerous tourism lodestones and gests accessible to callers to Himachal Pradesh. A certain remedial quality can be felt when spending time in a natural terrain. To witness this trip, check out some of ourRead More

There are numerous well-known sports that are played in Himachal Pradesh, including river rafting, camping, trekking, mountaineering, rock climbing, campaigning, trekking, motorcycling, motorbiking, skiing, and heli-skiing. The majority of people enjoy skiing and heli-skiing in Himachal Pradesh. People travel to Himachal Pradesh from all over India to enjoy these sports,Read More

Bir Billing travel information A mountain town oozing with youth in its people, city glimpses in its cafes, and a pleasant bliss in its landscapes, Bir is Himachal Pradesh’s impeccable gift to anyone who visits there. With a population of a few thousand Indians and Tibetans, now multiplied by additionalRead More